Our Story

Hello Fellow Parents and Teachers,

Let me introduce myself.

I am Bri Luna, and I’m just like you. I am a mother of three amazing, smart, witty, and funny kids. I am a teacher of nearly twenty years. Somehow, I was gifted with the most amazing family and career possible.  

Reading disabilities, and my lack of knowledge, impacted both areas of my life in ways I am sure you can imagine.


I had been a dedicated, passionate 5th grade teacher for several years when my own daughter began struggling in school.


I had not learned how to teach or really remediate reading in college.

We struggled through hours of homework battles, spelling tests, parent-teacher conferences, and tears through elementary school. Middle school and high school were even harder. I then began teaching 2nd grade and realized how under-prepared I was to instruct in the art of teaching reading.

I finally began my journey of learning the science of reading.

It wasn’t until my brave, musical, artistic daughter was graduating high school that we realized she was dyslexic. So much damage had been done. So many of my students were in the same place. Their story is tragically common.

Now, armed with a Masters in Literacy, and thousands of hours in trainings, research, and certifications, I am ready to ensure that every parent and teacher knows the science of reading.

I began Reading Rev as a safe haven for parents to find a place of empathy, information, and resources. It is also a place where we teachers can admit we need more information and training. No judgement.

It is up to us to revolutionize our thinking about literacy instruction!  Studies show that approximately 20% of people are on the dyslexia spectrum.  That means that 1 in 5 students sitting in classrooms today will struggle with traditional reading instruction. Currently, only 40% of our nation’s 4th  graders are reading at grade level.


It is our job as parents and educators to understand how to help. If you wish for every child to have a knowledgeable teacher who provides a systematic, fun-filled, multi-sensory, and research-based approach to teaching literacy, you have found the right place!  Welcome.

The Rev Methods


When you see a child begin to struggle in school and lag behind, it is terrifying.  It is our job as parents and teachers to recognize that there is a problem and offer immediate help.

According to Sally Shaywitz, literacy guru and author of Overcoming Dyslexia, the essential first step is diagnosing the problem.  The earlier we can do this, the better.  She argues that waiting will only put the child further behind and damage his confidence. 

Optimally, “A child needs help before he fails.” Systematic intervention has been proven to be most successful in grades K-3rd.  However, it is never too late!  Proven research-based strategies have been successfully used to help people of all ages, educational backgrounds, and reading abilities.


Orton-Gillingham is an approach to teaching reading that is hugely beneficial for dyslexics and those who struggle with traditional visual reading instruction.  It was developed starting in 1925 by a neurologist and pathologist named Dr. Samuel Orton and the esteemed educator and psychologist Anna Gillingham.

This approach teaches reading at the word level. It allows students to crack the reading code by giving instruction on how letters are connected to sound in language. This powerful approach can actually help restructure the neural-pathways in the brains of struggling readers.

Orton-Gillingham instruction is:

  • Explicitly and directly taught
  • Systematic and structured
  • Sequential and cumulative
  • Multi-sensory
  • Individualized
  • Diagnostic and prescriptive
  • Repetitive


Ms. Luna has dedicated the last 20 years to find the best educational practices to help children of all abilities.  She found her passion in literacy. Below are her credentials.

  • BA Psychology
  • Masters Degree in Educational Literacy
  • LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) Training
  • Orton Gillingham Trained
  • District Read Lead Member
  • CCIRA (Colorado Council of the International Reading Association) Member and Presenter
  • Founder of Reading Rev LLC