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No. Your purchase is for personal use only and one classroom only. Other teachers will need to purchase the right to use in their own classroom.

No, all products are digital downloads. Nothing will be shipped.

This program was created as a tier 1, on-grade level 3rd grade phonics and spelling program. However, many students beyond 3rd grade are not secure in many of these phonetic patterns and need explicit phonics instruction. The way the system was designed, it can easily be differentiated to meet the needs of various students. Within each phonetic pattern, there are differentiated word lists and dictation sentences. The skill-based passages also come in two different reading levels. This program has eliminated the primary clip art and “babyish” vibe so can easily be used with students requiring intervention beyond 3rd grade.

At this time, Reading Rev’s resources focus on intermediate students because that is where we saw a lack of quality, structured literacy materials. However, we may be adding k-2 resources in the future. Keep following us for details.

YES! The steps to remediate decoding and encoding (spelling) are the same regardless of age. So, this program can be used to systematically teach missing skills to older students. We have used it with high school students! Take a look at the FREEBIE library to get free weekly units to see if it’s a good fit for your needs. 

The Complete Program includes:

1- Teacher Talks! The Ultimate Teacher’s Guide

2- Year-long, Orton Gillingham Student Packets

3- Corresponding Skill-based Passages

4- Everything Interactive Notebook

YES. The complete scope and sequence is available on our website, but is also available as a download in our FREEBIE Library. 

YES! You can find two weekly samples in our FREEBIE Library.

The decodable passages were written for older students because I left out all the primary clip art and tried to make the content high-interest for older kids. I am using these passages for 3rd-5th remediation. They may absolutely work for your on-level 2nd graders. Check out the free story in the FREEBIE library to see if they’re a good fit.

We purposely left those for you to add so you can choose the red words your students need to work on. Start by giving a pretest using our grade-level red word lists. This is a perfect place to differentiate for your students!

We are working on creating a complete Interactive Notebook tutorial. In the meantime, you can check out this video to get started:

Yes, please reach out through our contact page and we will work bulk pricing for your school system.